Pinyin is the process of spelling and reading syllables. According to the syllable structure of Putonghua, the initials, nuclei, and vowels are quickly and continuously combined and added into a syllable to form a syllable.

Pinyin Pronunciation

Pinyin converts characters into a standard international Latin alphabet, which makes it much easier for people from other language systems worldwide to know the sound of Hanzi and learn its pronunciation. As a beginner, how can we effectively remember the pronunciation of each new character?

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Pinyin : Useful Guide with Video

Pinyin, defined as the Chinese phonetic alphabet, is the official romanization of standard Chinese words(Characters) in mainland China. From ancient to modern, Chinese is the language without a direct alphabet for its characters(so-called Hanzi), that’s why Hanyu Pinyin is one of the vital tools to effectively transcribe it with each syllable corresponding distinct meaning, including the Latin Alphabet(initials and finals) and a tone marker (one of four). The Chinese-language combining-sounds alphabet is the verifying “spell pronunciation” for teaching Chinese written words and helps people learn the Mandarin pronunciation.

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